The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Session 4
"Elves! My Favorite!"

The party heads to Thundertree to find Reidoth, the druid. After encountering—and dispatching—a hungry ogre, they make camp near a river for the night. At midnight, while Theren is keeping watch, a pack of goblins sneaks up on the party and attacks. When they are defeated, Theren convinces one of the surviving goblins to reveal the location of Cragmaw Castle. Rather than continuing on to Thundertree, the party heads to the castle directly.

The party invades the castle through a partially collapsed tower, and finds King Graal, a female drow, and some hobgoblin guards. The nameless monk blocks the bugbear and his wolf behind a door while the adventurers handle the hobgoblins, then tosses the door aside to deal with King Graal himself. The drow finally enters the fight, seeing her escape route cut off, but is brought down soon after the last goblin.

Theren and the monk torture the drow to find out that her employer, the Black Spider, had sent her to get Gundren’s map, and wants Wave Echo Cave for himself. When she dies, her adopted form slips away and reveals her to be a doppelganger.

They find Gundren tied and unconscious in King Graal’s chambers and revive him, then find his map to Wave Echo Cave under Graal’s mattress.

On their way out of the castle, they meet some more hobgoblins heading up the hill towards them. One of the hobgoblins demands to know what they’re doing there, but William convinces them to let us pass. The party makes it back to Phandalin with Gundren without incident.

In the morning, Gundren comes down to talk to the party. They head out towards the Sword Mountains, to the entrance to Wave Echo Cave.

In the cave entrance, they find a storehouse full of casks, barrels, mining gear, and the body of a dwarf miner, dead for at least a week. A deep pit lies at the end of the cavern.

“Tharden! No!” Gundren exclaims when he sees the dead dwarf, then looks around, frantically. “Where is Nundro? Nundro, are you there? Maybe he’s still alive…”

The nameless monk goes over to the pit, and finds a rope leading down to a curving tunnel that splits off in two directions. He begins climbing down; the others follow.

After a bit, the passage opens up, leading to a natural cavern where many tunnels intersect. The walls are carved with reliefs showing dwarven miners at work, and the room is filled with skeletons. Sturges attack the party above, putting many of the more frail and fearful among them to flight, but are dealt with quickly.

The party heads back to the cave entrance to rest briefly, where they find Gundren digging a grave for his brother. The monk stays with Gundren to help him dig, while the rest head back into the caverns. An ochre jelly takes Theren by surprise, but he is close enough to the others to call for help, and the jelly is killed.

The monk, having helped Gundren bury Tharden, joins the others in the cavern. Gnawing and scratching sounds lead the party to a stone door, behind which they find three ghouls gorging themselves upon the remains of some dwarves and orcs. The ghouls prove a more difficult foe than the goblins had been, but the adventurers are able to vanquish them regardless, then make camp.

Session 3
"I'm an Elf"

Helen finds herself alone in Phandalin, the rest of the party nowhere to be found. As she walks down Phandalin’s main street, four men approach her, led by someone wearing an ermine mantle and carrying an ornate, intricately shaped glass staff.

The man carrying the glass staff speaks. “Good day to you! I’m afraid I have some unpleasant business to discuss with you. Earlier today, I had some unexpected…ah…guests…in my mansion.” He goes on to explain—in veiled and overly diplomatic terms—how Helen’s compatriots met their demise in the caverns under Tresendar Manor.

Sildar Hallwinter interrupts him partway into the conversation. “Iarno? Is that you?” Iarno does not seem happy to see Sildar here, alive.

Sildar continues. “So you’re the leader of the Redbrands, Glasstaff.” When Iarno tries to argue that the Redbrands are the protectors of Phandalin, here to help its people, Sildar interrupts: “You’re here to terrorize the people of Phandalin, not protect them.”

A crowd has started to form around them, interested in the confrontation but unwilling—or afraid—to interfere. From the rear of the crowd, an unnamed elven monk begins to approach them. Iarno warns him—and the rest of the crowd—not to try anything “rash.”

Sildar appears dumbfounded by Iarno’s association with the Redbrands. “You betrayed the Lords’ Alliance to become a crime lord?”

“Crime lord? Now, now, Townmaster Hardin is quite happy to have us here; aren’t you, Hardin?” he says to the Townmaster, who is in the crowd nearby.

“Of…of course! Absolutely! No question!” Hardin says, nervously but emphatically.

“Now, my reputation here in Phandalin requires that I not leave this…invasion…of my manor unrewarded. Men,” Iarno gestures to his Redbrand escort, “finish off these…pests.” The Redbrands unsheath their swords and approach Helen and Sildar.

Roll Initiative

Tides turn against Iarno when others in the crowd join Helen and Sildar to fight him and the Redbrands, but not quickly enough; Helen is slain, though the Redbrands are vanquished and Iarno captured. A note that Iarno held indicates a connection with some entity known as the Black Spider.

Bejamite returns from hunting to find Helen dead.

The newly formed party rests for the night at the Stone Hill Inn, where the innkeeper thanks them for standing up to the Redbrands.


The following morning, the party reconvenes and heads to Tresendar Manor to see if any more Redbrands remain to threaten the village. They find their way into the manor basement, which now lies empty, but for the bodies of a number of recently deceased Redbrands, and the adventurers that Bejamite had come to Phandalin with. Nothing of value remains, though Shara salvages some arrows.

They carry the bodies of the other adventurers outside to be buried. Bejamite hopes that Helen can still be restored to life, and is told to see Sister Garaele at the Shrine of Luck. Sister Garaele agrees to take care of Helen’s body for a time, if Bejamite will do something for her: ask a banshee named Agatha where Bowgentle’s spell book is. She gives Bejamite a jeweled silver comb to exchange with Agatha for the information. The travellers head up the Triboar trail away from Phandalin.

Three days later, they reach the town of Conyberry, an abandoned town that was sacked by barbarians years ago and now lies in ruins. An old trail leads northwest, into Neverwinter Wood; the party heads there.

The air grows colder as evening falls. Around a bend in the trail, the adventurers find Agatha’s home—of sorts—woven from the branches of trees. Sister Garaele told Bejamite that the banshee is extremely vain, so he gives the comb to Bastral to request the information that Sister Garaele wanted.

They hit it off well. Agatha tells Bastral that she traded Bowgentle’s spell book to a necromancer named Seminoth, from Areobor, a century ago. She does not know what became of the book afterwards. With that, Agatha and the comb fade from sight.

Daran Edermath had told the adventurers that someone was digging around the ruins of the Old Owl Well, and that prospectors have been chased away by undead. The well is near Conyberry, so the party heads there to investigate.

Not far down the path, they notice some very large orcs attempting to hide behind some very small bushes, with limited success. The orcs are quickly dispatched.

The adventurers crest a low ridge and spy the crumbling ruins of an old watchtower amid the hills. Ruined walls surround a courtyard of sorts; a small tent has been set up nearby. No one is in sight, though a deathly odor wafts from the tower’s direction.

The nameless monk and Theren creep towards the tower to see what is inside and discover zombies. They return to the rest of the group to warn them. Shara sets an arrow alight and launches it into the ruined tower; 12 zombies begin to shamble out of the tower towards them, one with a flaming arrow still stuck to it. The party prepares for battle.

Roll Initiative

To Be Continued

Session 2: Bugbears


Session 1: Goblin Ambush
Wherein goblins are burnt, skewered, crushed and humiliated.

PCs: Rinn, Ashoulla Ynaidi, Imara Adelin, Kildrak, Alin Drathoc, Selker Falwythe (Helen and Benjamite Woodsoul)

For different reasons and with varied purposes, our adventurers all found themselves in Neverwinter when Gundren Rockseeker, a wealthy dwarven merchant, was hiring an escort for a wagon of mining supplies traveling to the frontier town of Phandalin. They are promised 10gp each upon bringing the wagon to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin; Gundren (accompanied by Sildar Hallwinter) heads out ahead of the party to prepare for their arrival.

Some distance from Phandalin, Ashoulla leading the way while Kildrak drives the oxen, they find the path blocked by dead horses, pierced with goblin arrows. Imara suspects an ambush; the adventurers look for sign of a nearby enemy, but see nothing—until more arrows fly from the woods pressing in on the path. More goblins burst from the woods and attack the party.

Once the goblins are defeated, Kildrak searches the horses, which he recognizes as belonging to his cousin. He finds an empty map case, though what it once contained is a mystery.

A secret trail hidden behind thickets leads northwest, indicating that goblins have been using this place to stage ambushes for quite some time. The adventurers hide the wagon to the side of the road, Helen laying some traps nearby to ensure it remains secure, and proceed down this trail to hunt down the rest of the goblin bandits.

Kildrak and Helen discover tracks of around a dozen goblins, as well as two larger, human-sized bodies that appear to have been dragged along the path. Kildrak helps the party avoid several traps along the way. Finally, the party finds itself near the opening of a cave with a stream running out of it.

Kildrak and Rinn go ahead of the others to scout out the cave, but barely get close before more arrows fly at the party from a thicket to the east of the cave entrance; the goblins had stationed guards outside.

The guards are despatched, and Ashoulla approaches the cave entrance, finding it forks in two directions; two wolves are chained up near the entrance, with a third farther in. Kildrak, with keener sight in the darkness, sees a rickety bridge crossing one of the paths deeper into the cave, while the other seems to lead to a natural chimney in the rock.

The wolves are killed, and Kildrak leads the party down the passage leading to the bridge; in the distance, a lone goblin is seen scurrying away. Moments later, a mighty roar fills the passage, and a flood of water pours down upon the adventurers. Most are able to dodge the flood or anchor themselves to a nearby stalagmite, but Helein, Kildrak and Rinn are washed out to the entrance of the cave. Rinn is slammed against the rocks and knocked out.

Benjamite quickly heads to them to check on Helen and tend to Rinn’s injury. Kildrak, followed soon by the others, heads down the other passage, and climbs the chimney, finding a chamber full of sacks and crates of loot at the top. The crates are marked with a blue lion, symbol of the Lion Shield Coaster, a trading company with a presence in Phandalin. A larger opening at the other side of the chamber leads down natural stone steps, with the sound of water coming through it. Coals of a large fire smolder in the center of the room, surrounded by a large bugbear with a mangy pet wolf and four other goblins.

Kildrak lowers a rope down the chimney and the rest of the party climbs up one by one until only Rinn and Benjamite remain. Rinn makes it to the top, but with a misstep sends a rock clattering down the chimney. The bugbear turns, sees the adventurers, and attacks.

The battle ends when Klargh, the bugbear is knocked unconscious; the two remaining goblins, put to sleep by one of Rinn’s incantations, are restrained and woken up. Kildrak demands to know where Gundren is.

" King Graal has him." Rinn recognizes the name; Graal is the leader of the Craigmaw goblin tribe. “We have the human that was with him, in the eating cave.”

Ashoulla leads the way towards what the goblins called the ‘eating cave’, though the larger opening. They find another cavern, where they find the stream dammed up to create a small underground lake. Remnants of another, smaller dam are visible; this is apparently how the goblins had caused the earlier flood. 6 goblins hear the adventurers approach and turn to attack.

Benjamite thinks quickly, then tells the goblins that their leader has been captured, and convinces them to surrender. They are disarmed, and lead the rest of the party down a passage to the eating cave.

There are 12 more goblins in the cave, one of which appears to be in charge—and holding a tied and bound human over the edge of a cliff. “Truce! Or this human dies.” The goblin identifies himself as Leamik, and says he’ll trade his human captive for Klargh’s head. The human whispers “don’t trust him,” but is silenced by Leamik.

The adventurers withdraw from the chamber to discuss the offer, then decide to bring Klargh (alive) to exchange.

Leamik is pleased. “Excellent! Now we can discuss the ransom. 60 gold pieces or you get the human…in pieces.”

The price is steep; but earlier, in the first chamber, Kildrak had found a beautiful jade statuette with gemstones for eyes that appeared to be quite valuable. He offers this in exchange in lieu of the gold. Leamik accepts, and gives them the human, who Kildrak revives with a healing potion. The goblins allow the adventurers to leave.

The human thanks them for his rescue, and says, “I am Sildar Hallwinter. We were ambushed on the road to Phandalin. I don’t know where they took Gundren.” The Black Spider, an unknown entity, appears to be behind the kidnapping; the goblins also took Gundren’s map, with the location of Wave Echo Cave.

They return to the first chamber with the looted goods and the captive goblins and interrogate them to determine the location of Craigmaw Castle. Sildar requests that before the party leave, they deal with the remaining goblins.

There was a second passage into the final chamber, much smaller than the first, and unstable in appearance. Selker turns this into a trap, luring the goblins out with a derogatory limerick; the passage collapses, and most of the goblins are crushed. The surviving goblins charge towards the party down the other passage, where they are met and dealt with by Ashoulla and Selker.

The party loads the Lion Shield Coaster crates on the wagon and heads on to Phandalin.

After some distance, the track emerges from the woods, and they see Phandalin ahead of them. The track continues through the town, climbing a hill towards a ruined manor house.

They take the stolen goods to the Lion Shield Coaster, where Lenan Graywind, master of the post, pays them quite generously for their trouble, then head to Barthen’s Provisions. Elmar Barthen, the shopkeeper, thanks them for delivering the supplies and pays each of the adventurers 10gp. “I have not heard from Gundren yet, though.”

Imara asks the shopkeeper about her brother; he suggests we talk to Daran Edermath, who owns a nearby apple orchard.

The party retires to the Stone Hill Inn to rest.


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