Imara Adelin

Human fighter, former soldier, neurotic perfectionist.


Imara was a lieutenant from Baldur’s Gate’s army. During her term of service, she was known as a thoroughly competent if singularly uncharismatic leader. Superior officers appreciated her discipline and foresight. Her subordinates were less impressed with her leadership skills.

Imara once saved Ashoulla’s life during battle. Ever since, Ashoulla has been loyal to Imara. During the remainder of their military service, Ashoulla used her charismatic abilities to increase support for Imara among her troops. Imara is well aware that much of her success as a military officer is due to Ashoulla’s influence in her company.

Over a year ago, Imara received word from her family that her irresponsible explorer brother, Jerric “Jack” Adelin, mysteriously disappeared near Phandalin. After months of no word, Imara finally decided to resign her post in order to search for her brother. Ashoulla decided to join her in her quest, and they have slowly made their way north toward Phandalin. Finances being tight, they have taken odd mercenary jobs wherever possible and they have joined Gundren Rockseeker’s caravan both for the pay and because it will get them to Phandalin, where they hope to find some clue as to Jack’s disappearance.

Died fighting Redbrands and their allies.

Imara Adelin

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