Silent but deadly.


Average in height and slender, the nameless monk’s arms and torso are adorned with an elaborate bloodscar that he has slowly carved over the years. Only he knows its meaning or purpose, though some would assume it to be a map or history of his centuries-long travels in the wilderness.

He wears simple traveler’s clothes, a cloak suited for days spent exposed to the elements and colored to blend in with his surroundings, and well-worn leather boots. Hanging from a cord around his neck is a piece of bone that appears to be a segment of vertebrae from a large creature, worn smooth from age.

From a pair of gut strings and horsehair bow he has fashioned a violin-like instrument that he plays by anchoring one end of the strings to a tree root or other nearby object, threading the horsehair between them, then bowing the strings with one hand while he holds them taut with the other. By tightening or loosening his grip on the strings he is able to modulate the tone produced by the instrument.

Lacking any resonating body, the sound the instrument produces is imperceptible, yet still sends chills down the spine of anyone who listens to him play it.


A Wood Elf Monk (Outcast background) hailing from a little-known sect that believes language (and, as an extension, most of civilization itself) to be the source of all evil in the world, enabling deception and subjugation and providing little of value in return. They tend to avoid populated areas, living hermit-like lives in the wilderness in make-shift and usually temporary shelters, and tend to move with the seasons and to avoid the encroachment of ever-expanding cities and settlements.

The sect’s proscription of language extends to names, and as such he has none. As a demonstration of his devotion to these beliefs, he has cut out his own tongue, and is mute.

Recently, rumors of slave traders taking captives near Phandalin—including possibly some members of the ‘silent sect’—have reached him, and he has put his distaste of company and civilization to the side to hunt down these heretics and rescue those they have taken.


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