Ashoulla Ynaidi

An imposing yet beautiful warrior with a commanding demeanor and inspiring voice.


Ashoulla is a tall, beautiful and imposing warrior with unshakable optimism and courage, though somewhat lacking in good sense. She keeps her dark brown hair cut short to keep it out of the way; her eyes, also dark, show flashes of deep green in the right light.

She is extraordinarily loyal to those close to her, and considers it her duty to protect them from harm.

Between battles, she is an engaging conversationalist, and always willing to join a game of Mia (a dice game of bluffing and deception), at which she is very skilled.

On her left shoulder she wears a single pauldron bearing as an inlay the white gauntlet of Torm.


Ashoulla served in the army of Baldur’s gate under Imara Adelin until about a year ago, when she left along with her commanding officer for unknown reasons.

Ashoulla Ynaidi

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