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  • Bejamite Woodsoul

    Personality Traits: 1) The commoners love me for my compassion. 2) Anyone who causes injury or insult to the Woodsoul name will be punished. 3) I prefer to be a herbalist or farmer than an adventurer. Ideals: 1) Independence: I must …

  • Ashoulla Ynaidi

    Ashoulla served in the army of Baldur's gate under Imara Adelin until about a year ago, when she left along with her commanding officer for unknown reasons.

  • Imara Adelin

    Imara was a lieutenant from Baldur's Gate's army. During her term of service, she was known as a thoroughly competent if singularly uncharismatic leader. Superior officers appreciated her discipline and foresight. Her subordinates were less impressed with …

  • Grol

    The Cragmaw tribe consists of marauding bands and rival goblinholds scattered throughout the area of the [[Triboar Trail]] and the Neverwinter Wood. However, one chieftain is grudgingly recognized by all others as supreme: King Grol of Cragmaw Castle. He …

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