Bejamite Woodsoul

Slender elf with golden eyes and pale hair.


Bejamite is slender and is of average height for his people. He carries with him the elegance and grace of his people and of his noble birth. He tends to wear clothes of fur and of dark earthen tones. His eyes are the patient veiled kind that prefer watching than engaging.


Personality Traits:

1) The commoners love me for my compassion.

2) Anyone who causes injury or insult to the Woodsoul name will be punished.

3) I prefer to be a herbalist or farmer than an adventurer.


1) Independence: I must strike out on my own and forge my own path. I carry that name, but it doesn’t mean I have to be apart of their world.


1) Nothing is more important to me than my wife.


1) I am an alcoholic.

Bejamite Woodsoul

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