Jerric "Jack" Adelin

Imara's missing adventurer brother


A young, handsome, charismatic man about 24 years of age. Blessed with beauty but not much in the way of brains, he has a habit of getting into trouble with unsavory characters.


Jack has always been interested in get-rich-quick schemes and the idea of going adventuring. His decision to leave Baldur’s Gate in search of treasure was precipitated by some inconvenient inquiries regarding his involvement with a local group of gamblers and thieves. He eventually made his way north to Phandalin, where his frequent letters to his parents suddenly stopped. Their parents, worried about their wayward but devoted son, came to Imara with their fears. Imara and her family have not heard from Jerric since he disappeared from Phandalin. They fear the worst.

Jerric "Jack" Adelin

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